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Epstein’s Klezmer Tov

Epstein’s Klezmer Tov was founded by Igor (Itzik) Epstein in Cologne about 15 years ago. Igor’s musical journey did not begin in Germany, however. Born in Vilnius (Lithuania) Igor grew up in Rostov-on-Don (Russia) in a Jewish musical family. It was there that he received his music education, first as a classical violinist and later as a jazz bass performer, graduating from the Rostov State Conservatory.

The development of Igor’s unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influence. Playing music and growing up in a talented musical family meant that he was always surrounded by different forms of music. Therefore, upon moving to Europe, he became known as a performer who seems to appeal to his listeners on multiple levels simultaneously by fusing together elements of folk, jazz and classical music with sparkling Jewish humor.

Epstein’s Klezmer Tov is a traditional acoustic band which communicates with the audience through their own native musical language called Klezmer. Although the number of musicians in the group can vary from duo to sextet (violin, clarinet, guitar, bass, accordion/piano and percussion) the genuine colorful emotions and the authenticity of its expressive melodies remain unchanged.